Sulphur Bentonite

Sulphur Bentonite 90%

Sulphur Bentonite one of the concentrated sources sulphur. Sulphur deficiency is the predominantly avaiable in soils of many countries. Sulphur is involved in metobolic functions of plants and is a constituent of amino acids. İt also helps in chlorophyll synthesis and improves efficiency of other nutrients; it is a key element in oilseed production. It leads to improvement in yield of crops and oil content. Sulphur bentonite contains 90 % S and 10 % Bentonite clay which serves as binder during manufacture and as a dispersing agent after addition to soils.

Application and characteristics



Dark Brown/ Greenish Brown/Grey
Color may vary depending on raw material source


Shape Half lentils / split pea / Pastilles
Sulphur 90% ±1

10% ±1

Size Diameter 1.5~4.   mm / Height 1.0~1.5 mm
Bulk Density 1. 000-1.2000
Heavy Metals
Cr (Chromium) -200mg/kg Max <1
Cd (Cadmium)- 20 mg/kg Max <1
Hg ( Mercury) -0.2mg/kg Max <0.2
Pb( lead)-100 mg/kg Max <1
As ( Arsenic)10 mg/kg Max <1



1)    Helps in fast solubility of Sulphur making it readily available to plants
2)    Sulphur Bentonite is a highly concentrated fertilizer that reduces the amount of fertilizer
3)    Increases soil acidity and lowers soil Ph
4)    Improves the efficiency of other fertilizers when blended and used together
5)    Increases crop yields, quality and health
6)    It is good for corns, beans, rice, apples, tea, oranges, tobacco, coffee, potatoes