Urea N46% Min (Granular)

Urea is te most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in the world. It is effectiUrea N46% Min (Granular) e on all crops, in regions with a war climate. Urea is synthesized organic molecule that is easily accessible to plants and can e absorbed by all parts of plants, both roots and vegetative mass. Therefore, urea is effective for main application and as a top dress, both independently and in tank mixtures with microelements and plant protection products. The most concentrated granular nitrogen fertilizer to provide agricultural plants with nitrogen throughout the growth and development period, supplying plants with all three forms of open-access nitrogen: amide, ammonium and nitrate (after transformation in soil). It is suitable for soils with pH 7-9. Its transformation in soil results in alkalization and further acidification of the soil solution. This nitrogen fertilizer is the most eco-friendly and harmless for plants, providing a wide range of uses: from autumn application during tillage for crop quality increase to use as an anti-stress agent.




Min 46.0%


Max 1.0%

Potassi m

Max 0.5%

Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium

0.1 mg/kg Max

Melting Point


Free Ammonia

160 PXT pp


0.5% Max


1 mg/Kg Max

Solubility in Water at 20C

100 g/100 ml of water

Granulometric Composition(2.00-4.00 mm)

Min 90%

Urea content

98% Min


Free Flowing, non-clotted, free from harmful substances and mechanical impurities


Standard white/pure white


< . 5 %

pH in 10% solution




1) Provides highly effective nitrogenutrition with a prolonged effect
2) Has a po sitive effect on extended root formation
3) Can be applied in a high dosage in one single appliction
4) Increases the protein and oil content of field cr ps


Shipped in 800 to 1000 kg Jumbo bags or 25 kg, 50 kg small bags or in covered self-unloading hoppers


1)    Prevent from moisture absorption, keep away from heat, keep in air well-ventilated area
2)    Do not contact with acids and alkaline substance, protect from dust.
3)    Ensure bags are sealed and in good condition